Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Entry to Top 10 Influential Blog for 2008

My top ten emerging influential blog.

  1. Missing Carlo

Missing Carlo is a poignant story of Mica with her brother Carlo. Since I have no brother I was moved to tears with her words.This is a beautiful story of love, compassion and caring wihtin the family system

2. Mar Roxas 2010

Mar Roxas has a fan. Just like this fan, I emulate Sen. Gerry Roxas who is an honest politician. Thus, this writer with myself, are convinced of the integrity of the Roxas political clan.

3. Visit Sagada

This Sagada spot features a breathtaking viewand photo of Sagada. It convinces us to try visit Sagada in the future. What a scenic Philippine spot to promote for tourism.

4. Askgerhard-kaiser

This international blogspot used quotations from great American leaders. From California to Calcutta, from Manila to Milan, this carries the message of leadership of benevolent stewards like Abraham Lincoln

5.Danton Remoto2010

This piece of Danton captures his trip in Bicol and highlights the top presidential candidates...The top three are Mar, Manny and Noli. Good work Dante for telling us how the ordinary Filipino expresses his opinion from the Southern region.

6.Gather litteby little

Gatherlittle by little is very interesting because he is giving seventy five dollars award by subscribing to RSS. THIS GUY IS VERY IMAGINATIVE.


Frugal dad. Thank you for giving us ver good tips on our crdit cards usage. What arelief to be free of debts.

You are right Liz. Sodas are not good for alll of us. Your health ideas about not drinking sodas to avoid gout are enlightening and superb.


And sawriko is a good post on the indignation we feel on the RCBC Cabuyao massare. No no to murder, massacre and mass killings.

10.Creative Curio
Creative Curio posts colorful yellow flower and aptly gives us info on beginning photo workers from scratch. Great way for creatives to follow and implement.


Micaela said...

Thank you so much for endorsing Missing Carlo. I feel honored to top your list and touch you in one way or another :)

-Ate Mica :)

Kevin Ray said...

Thanks a lot for nominating the Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Blog!


thegrapebunch said...

wow ms malu!may linking pa! Congratulations!!!! :D

Sir Kramic said...

Maraming salamat po sa pag appreciate ng simpleng mungkahi ko sa aking blog po, walang sino man ang may karapatang kumitil sa buhay ninuman, at hindi excuse ang kahirapan sa anumang uri ng krimen said...

This is to mark your entry as complete. I hope you can attend the August 11 eyeball and look forward in seeing you again. Thank you for supporting this writing project.