Monday, May 19, 2008

first blogging date

may 19, 2008

am here at adoc training laboratory..with teacher gwen nava and classmate gichelle cruz i was able to create this blogging spot.

learnings for today are:
1. basic ecommerce

2. try online buying

3. retrieve my articles from the newspaper SunStar Pampanga

4. view the website - bringing back memories of my trust investment years at manilabanking days last 1978 to 1982.

what a beautiful monday....i feel good that i am adding knowledge in terms of cyberspace usage.

dacal a salamat..gracias..danke..i love you my best friend malu g.


merlynep said...

thanks for the synthesis of today's lessons.

thegrapebunch said...

i'm sure we'll be able to read more of your articles here in the near future :) more power!

kay jd said...

hi malu,

i wrote my comment a while ago, di yata na save.
anyway, what i just told you is that , i am happy to be in this training kasi feeling ko nadagdagan na naman mga kayamanan ko (friends), and to put it clearly ---you are one of the new additions to my flourishing wealth of friends.

stay happy and healthy.

take care.


salnacbynot said...

I would like to inject politics in this LUGUD Blogging by asking a very simple and plain question to all who would like to answer as follows: Who would have more LUGUD in their heart (and stated as plainly and simply as possible), one who is of the liberal persuasion, or one who is conservative?

I would of course start by saying as a conservative, I have more LUGUD.